Facebook Advertising

Using social media to market your products and services can be truly intimidating. You might have business accounts on several social media platforms. You may have thousands of followers. But when you put up a post promoting your brand, it gets only a few hundred likes. Why is that?

The short answer is social media algorithms. These algorithms have made it impossible for your posts to have massive organic reach. Especially on major platforms like Facebook. The platform’s algorithms limit the reach of your posts to a few hundred people irrespective of the thousands of followers you might have.

And that’s why you need to invest in Facebook advertising services. Now, with Facebook, you get two types of ads: Boosted posts and paid ads. Let’s see what these both types are and when youshould use them.

Boosted Posts

If you have created a post on your timeline and you want to make it reach a larger audience, you can choose boosted posts for a fee. This will automatically boost the reach of the said post to a larger audience. It is a great way to reach that part of your audience who doesn’t know who you are and what you do.

These ads are more affordable, however, have limited customizability. But boosted posts are a great way to:

  • Create brand awareness amongst your target audience
  • Increase your followers
  • Take your bests posts and content and increase its visibility
  • Boost audience engagement on your Facebook business page
  • Increase your website clicks
  • Organize giveaways and promotions (something very vital for the upcoming holiday season)

Make sure you choose a post from your timeline to boost that already has a better organic reach. This way every penny that you invest in Facebook marketing will benefit your business.

Paid Ads

Facebook Paid Ads are different from boosted posts in several ways. One of the major features that differs paid ads from boosted posts is the massive opportunity to customize your ad content.

With Facebook paid ads you can customize the location where your ad will be displayed. You can choose from several options available online. Another customization feature that you can get is choosing your demographic audience based on gender, age, location, and more.

Facebook ads are a great investment especially when you want to generate leads and increase your conversion rates. However, these ads are expensive as compared to boosted posts and need to be created from scratch. You should invest in Facebook paid ads when you want to:

  • Generate leads
  • Convert website visitors into customers
  • Directly get orders from the store
  • Get more traffic to the store
  • And increase your reach to the audience

Facebook paid ads are good to make your audience aware of what’s new and get them to buy your product and services.

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