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Facebook Boosted Posts Vs Paid Ads: Things You Should Know!

Using social media to market your products and services can be truly intimidating. You might have business accounts on several social media platforms. You may have thousands of followers. But when you put up a post promoting your brand, it gets only a few hundred likes. Why is that? The short answer is social media

Facebook advertising
Facebook Advertising Costs: Four Levels Targeting Different Features

Promoting your business is key to reaching a greater number of potential customers. Gone are the days when offline methods were sufficient to market the products and services. With access to the Internet, most people these days can find everything they need in just a few clicks.  Hence, marketing your business online is of the

Facebook advertising
The Ultimate Guide to Saving Money on Facebook Ads

After the pandemic, it has become difficult for most of us to manage our budget efficiently. With so much going on at this given point in time, it becomes a daunting task to manage all our expenditures with the limited budget that we have in hand. But that being said, one thing should always be