Advertisements in Singapore

Advertising your brand is key to achieving success in the market and attracting your potential customers. But do you know that 90% of shoppers haven’t decided which brand they want to shop with?

And hence, advertising your brand is crucial and competitive. There are advertising challenges that you need to overcome to successfully market your products. Here are the top four challenges that brands will face in the upcoming year 2022.

  • Reaching potential audience

One of the main aims of advertising a brand is to reach your potential audience and give them the right message to create a positive brand image. However, with the option to say “No” to advertisements in different apps on websites, it is getting harder for brands to reach their potential audience. In fact, several users use specific Adblockers in their browsers to remove any ads while using an app, a website or while watching a video.

Solution: Although there is no concrete solution to this challenge, one thing’s for sure that brands will start shifting to alternative methods to advertise their products. Some brands might think of advertising only to their loyal customers hoping it will bring new customers through referrals. Some might integrate their advertising campaigns into their CRMs to find new customers.

  • Scalability

Another main issue that several brands face while advertising their brand is not producing a scalable campaign. As the business grows, the brand priorities and goals change and evolve. Advertisement campaigns need to cater to these evolving goals if a brand wants to reach its target audience and increase conversions.

Solution: The best way to tackle the scalability of advertising campaigns is by working hard on creating “landing pages” that are powerful and cater to different audiences effectively. And these landing pages must be created for different marketing channels as per the requirement.

  • Enough Budget

Advertisements in Singapore or anywhere around the world are an expensive affair. This is especially true for small businesses. However, even larger companies will face budgeting issues in the future. The main reason for this challenge to arise is major social media platforms limiting their organic reach of ads. This means brands need to invest heavily in paid advertising if they want to reach their audience.

Solution: There are high chances that media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and others will limit organic reach. And they will promote brands to pay for ads. So, the best way is to show the overall advertising expenses to your executives who provide a budget.

  • Underestimating Power of Emotions

Don’t underestimate the power of emotions when creating an advertising campaign for your brand in the upcoming year. We have seen that there is a rising trend in advertisements that have the element of nostalgia and emotions. It has been scientifically proven that emotions are a major element to drive the decision-making process. So, include emotions in your advertisements.

Solution: Always trust the statistics and research that has proven the importance of emotions in advertisements. So, don’t downplay its power especially if you really want your campaign to work.

At Hyper Fame Digital, we are constantly observing the changing advertising trends in the market. There will be new challenges cropping up in the future, but we will be by your side as your trusted advertising agency in Singapore.

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