Producing video content that drives maximum sales.

Be Different From Your Competitors

While your competitors are depending on image ads on their landing pages, why not incorporate video on your landing pages and boost conversion rates on your website by 80%?

People’s attention span lasts only about 8 seconds; consumers are more likely to buy a product or service when they understand how to use it. If your target audience is a group that isn’t into reading big fancy text, a video may make them stick around longer on your website, which greatly helps with conversion rates.

Using visual storytelling to establish your business is the newest powerhouse in digital marketing. You don’t need to produce a video that looks like it came out of Hollywood; all you need is a video production company that can deliver what you want and bring life to your brand. Our video production team at HyperFame Digital can elevate your brand to greater heights by creating video stories that will captivate your audience’s attention.

The Power of Videos

Stories are better told in videos compared to words and images. Messages are better off told when they are watched and listened to. As the world becomes more tech-savvy, there is an increasing demand for businesses to look at corporate video production to produce brand videos in their marketing strategy because of its effectiveness in increasing brand awareness.

By engaging a video production company, your business will automatically attract more customers. People engage more with videos compared to other sources of media. Video content online is getting more saturated with similar content. Hire a video production company that specialises in corporate video production that knows how to get creative and make your brands or product stand out from your competition.

Our creative team at HyperFame Digital know how to make an impression with videos. Whether it is an event coverage video, product videos, explainer videos or commercials, we know how to set the tone for your video marketing campaign.

Corporate Video Production For Advertising

When you watch a video on YouTube, do you recall coming across ads in the beginning, middle and end of the video you’re watching? That’s because of video marketing. If you’re thinking about boosting the branding of your business on social media platforms like YouTube, then you have all the more reason to look at corporate video production.

Statistics have shown that incorporating videos in your marketing campaigns can increase click-through rates (CTRs). In fact, businesses that include videos in their email marketing strategies have reportedly seen an improvement in their CTRs of up to 65%!

Videos are also great for driving sales. In every business, trust and credibility matter so that people are convinced to use your product and service. 90% of internet users are also more likely to trust a product or service after watching product videos that show how it’s used which can drive sales. Hiring a corporate video production company like HyperFame Digital can help you by producing videos that guarantee you achieve your goals of improving sales and CTRs.

Generate Leads

81% of marketers say that videos are more effective at generating leads than blog posts

Increase Engagement

Creating video that speaks to your target audience that keeps them watching

Promote Your Unique Selling Point (USP)

Show your business's unique point to increase brand credibility

Custom Targeting

Speak directly to your audience & evoke emotions through creative video production

Our Approach to Successful Video Production in Singapore

Understanding of your business & plan video ahead

Understanding your business & plan video ahead

To stay competitive in your business niche, your content needs to be relatable and relevant in the current time. What goals would you like to achieve with your video? What kind of video style would you like to incorporate? These elements are key to a successful video marketing campaign.

With Singaporeans spending approximately 5 to 8 hours a week consuming online video, this is an opportunity that all businesses would want to jump on by producing compelling video in their digital marketing strategy to attract more customers.

As a video production company, our video creatives team work alongside our sales funnel team to fully understand your audience and come up with a marketing strategy that effectively delivers your message before conceptualizing an angle for your video content to provide a special experience to your viewers. We value communication with our clients in the creative process of video projects; we work closely with you to create videos that perfectly express your business to ensure you generate high quality leads and achieve maximum ROI.

Strategise campaignsnew

Corporate Video Strategising

Corporate video production is not just about filming; it is also about scriptwriting and knowing how to tell interesting stories in your videos and keeping viewer engagement high. A successful video campaign is one that delivers content that your niche audience like to see and identifies with your brands.

Customers will only buy things that they can understand. Corporate video production involves lots of strategizing and creative thinking to ensure a long lasting impression to convince prospects and build trust with your brands. Videography is not just about writing an interesting script – filming equipment and style also matters.

  • What cameras are used?
  • Does it capture high definition video footage?
  • Will incorporating an 80’s film style fit commercials that are meant to capture a story that’s being told in the present day?
  • How about including 2D animation in your video?

Let our in-house creative team at HyperFame Digital strategise and oversee the whole corporate video production process from scriptwriting, pre-production planning to cinematography. Our videographers and production team have extensive experience in the video production industry to produce compelling script and videos that engage your audience in an appealing and intriguing way within the first few seconds and convert ordinary viewers to leads and eventually loyal customers to reach your ROI targets.

Professional editing

Professional video editing

Corporate video production is not just about scriptwriting and film production; it also involves a lot of professional editing. From sound design and transitions to adding motion graphics and animation, putting together different creative elements through video editing make your video stand out from your competitors.

Your video is not going to gain any traction if viewers find your content the same as everyone else’s. Well-produced content reflects better on your company’s image which convinces clients to flock over your way. Want to produce a corporate video that deals with a lot of technical theories? Adding an explainer video element with 2D animation makes it easy on the brain and eyes of viewers.

It’s important to engage with video production companies that see and respect your vision. Our video production team that consists of talented videographers and expert scriptwriters have years of experience helping clients increase viewer engagement and conversion rates, improving web prospects. We hold a strong commitment to make sure our corporate video strategies work the way they are supposed to and optimize on-the-go to help our clients make the most out of their video marketing budget.

Specialist in Corporate Video Production

As you can see, video production takes up a lot of brainpower when it comes to determining what work and what doesn’t work in the digital marketing industry. Luckily, our team at Hyper Fame Digital is here to help!

We are an elite video production media company in Singapore. We provide you with the necessary expertise to create videos that express your business well to potential clients. We take storytelling to the next level with video marketing that immediately engages your audience to market your product and service. Our corporate video production team will generate leads for your company, increase engagement with your webpage, and speak directly to your desired audience. From strategizing your marketing campaign to post-production, we’ll be with you at every step of the journey in maximising conversions and achieving your desired ROI goal.

You don’t have to just take our word for it though. We have an extensive list of case studies and previous clients for you to look through; trust us to share your stories and we’ll surely deliver the results that you want.

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