Mastering Facebook Ads brings your business to greater heights.

What is Facebook Marketing?

Becoming one of the world’s most popular social media platforms, Facebook is now one of the best marketing tools to market your business in Singapore. However, it’s no ball in the park with just building a business page on social media and throwing money into your advertising budget and expecting it to magically work out for you – Advertising on Facebook requires knowledge and skill of what works and what doesn’t work in social media marketing. There is a need to strategize and test to find the best method to reach and create engagement with Facebook users and convert them from ordinary social media users into ideal customers.

We are a marketing agency in Singapore that specialises in Facebook marketing with a proven track record of successfully helping our customers achieve their desired goals. Want to see a more consistent growth of your business? Our services can help you with achieving that goal through paid ads.

Realise Your Business Goals

To succeed in advertising on the social media platform, our team of designers and social media specialists come up with the best marketing strategy that delivers the best results from your Facebook marketing campaigns.

By wanting to understand your business better, we sit down with you to plan and strategize how to fully maximise results and precisely target your ideal customers. From understanding consumer demographics to interests to behaviours, our team is able to execute our campaigns more effectively. We will also personalise ads that best capture the attention of your target audience. We also take part in the monitoring and optimisation of your ad campaigns to maximise the conversion rates and increase the digital presence of your business.

Our Facebook Marketing Services

Facebook Ad Lead Generation

Having a page for your business on Facebook is one thing – now you need to make sure that people who click on your Facebook ads become followers of your Facebook page and actually take action in making a purchase of your product and service.

Facebook has an ads manager with ad targeting features help businesses to target their ideal audience by putting ads in front of people who are more likely to be interested in the product or service that you are offering through collected demographic data that range from social media profiles, age, interests and geographical location to generate quality leads. Furthermore, Facebook utilises a machine learning system that effectively targets Facebook ads to leads based on their prediction of users’ behaviour on and off Facebook to meet the marketing objective that has been set, such as increasing brand awareness or improving website traffic. This saves you money and time so that you won’t be promoting your ads to the wrong target audience.

As an elite performance social media marketing agency, our social media experts can strategize and develop Facebook marketing strategies that guarantee your leads will convert into loyal customers to your business. Advertising on Facebook presents the advantage of brand loyalty; customers who are satisfied with your product and service and have a good customer service experience will indirectly drive more potential customers or qualified leads to your business.

Personalising Facebook Ads

Depending on the message that you want to send to your target audience, there are a number of ad formats available on Facebook that can help raise brand awareness to your business and leave an impactful impression on your target audience.

Need help with deciding which ad formats suit your business best? We can help enhance your marketing strategy by designing Facebook ads that compel your target audience to increase engagement and divert attention to your business page, granting you a significant advantage over your competitors.

Trust us to know what we’re doing – our design experts can create numerous compelling Facebook ads designs that help our customers get the best buck out of their marketing campaigns and meet their Facebook marketing goals for their business. We create Facebook ads for your business that improve reach and engagement with your customers online as well as curate lead forms that make it easy and convenient for your Facebook target audience to encourage maximum conversion rates.

Expert Copywriting

A picture or a video ad on the social media platform may help generate leads, but you’ll still need to write good copies that appeal to your target audience on Facebook. Whether you want to create brand awareness or increase web traffic to your site, advertisers and digital marketers alike will acknowledge that copywriting is an essential part of successful marketing campaigns.

At HyperFame Digital, our experienced copywriting team not only writes good copy but speaks directly to the consumers in your niche – understanding and relating to your target audience through direct response copywriting. Based on our findings, direct response copywriting has the highest success rate in generating immediate ROI; a good Facebook ads copy is a copy that receives immediate reaction and generates immediate conversions that lead to instant sales.

Our years of experience in managing Facebook marketing campaigns let us identify the types of Facebook ads that generate the most lead conversions and sales. Leave it to us to create good direct response ad copies that encourage the target audience to take action on your business page and produce positive ROIs for your business.

Facebook Ad Monitoring and Optimization

To understand whether a Facebook social media marketing campaign is done right, real-time data and marketing statistics is required by marketers to understand and track key performance indicators (KPIs) on your business page to ensure you’re getting a good return of investment (ROI) on your Facebook advertising.

Tracking your marketing KPIs make it easier to strategize for future Facebook ad campaigns. No longer do you need to waste time and effort figuring out the ad formats that don’t work for your target audience; instead, focus on ads that do work and can guarantee positive ROIs. For example, an e-commerce business would benefit from carousel ads that allow a combination of multimedia files, links and call-to-actions to be compressed into a single advertisement.

Over here at HyperFame Digital, we take pride in ourselves to deliver and make data-driven decisions to continuously monitor, track and optimize our marketing strategies. We analyse and test various ad elements to ensure that all our customers meet their ideal marketing results and maximum ROI targets without having to overspend on their Facebook ads. Our team will also be ready to help you scale your ads to contribute more growth to your business.

The Power of Facebook Advertising

Generate Leads

Promote content that attracts quality leads of ideal audience

Increase Engagement

Engaging audience with your content to encourage likes and comments

Increase conversion

Get average 3-5x ROI using our frameworks & strategies

Precised Targeting

Based on target audience demographics, interests & more

Our Approach to Successful Facebook Advertising Singapore

Understanding your business
Understanding your business

Before starting on the marketing campaign, it is important for us to understand your marketing goals so that we can plan and strategize how to fully maximise results. From understanding consumer demographics to interests to behaviours, we are able to execute our campaign more effectively and retarget when needed.

Strategise campaigns
Strategise campaigns

Running ads on Facebook is more than just writing a few words and putting up an image/video. By identifying the right target audience of your business, we create personalised Ads which will best capture your target audience's attention. While consistently monitoring and optimising to achieve the highest results within your marketing budget.

Scaling & Optimisation
Scaling & Optimisation

We'll gather data collected from the ads and evaluate the results. Based on the statistics, we can understand viewers preferences and behaviour, then make further relevant changes to maximise conversion. Our team will also be ready to help you scale your ads to contribute more growth to your business.

Facebook Marketing Agency Singapore

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Ad Creatives for Facebook advertising

  • conceptualise & planning
  • Targetted Messaging
  • Direct traffic to landing page
  • Specific design to targetted audience

Outsource Your Facebook Marketing

As you can see, Facebook marketing can be a handful and isn’t easy to understand. It takes a lot of observing, planning and optimising to ensure you’re reaching the right audience with your Facebook marketing campaign.

Managing a Facebook marketing campaign takes up a lot of time and effort, and most Singaporeans who are business owners can’t afford to oversee their social media marketing performances when they have other things to worry about in their respective companies and need to refer to a marketing agency to assist them in their marketing campaign.

Many of our customers achieve success in their marketing campaigns with our help and we’ve got case studies to prove them. Our Facebook marketers with relevant results-driven strategies and industry experience in managing Facebook ads marketing campaigns have helped our customers boost their revenues to an average of 300% in ROI. Trust us with your Facebook marketing campaign; your success is our success!

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