Marketing Lessons

Did you buy something on the latest Black Friday sale? Or maybe you put in all your resources to put advertisements in Singapore about your business for this shopping intensive day? If you are a business entity, you probably did both.

Now, tell us, how much success did you get with attracting customers and selling products during this epic shopping day?

Maybe too much or maybe not so much! If you did get a lot of customer traffic, your strategies certainly worked. However, if you didn’t, maybe you might want to rethink your marketing strategy for next year. And to do that, you need to take a good hard look at the growing online purchasing behaviour of consumers.

A recent survey was conducted by the team of HubSpot to evaluate the overall customer response to Black Friday sales ads. They surveyed about 300+ online customers to have some striking findings. Here’s what they found and what you can learn for the next year.

Black Friday Shopper Behaviour in 2021

Ad engagement was majorly driven by social media

In the survey it was found that around 56% consumers engaged with online ads in one or another way. And almost 54% consumers used social media to shop for the Black Friday.

This means online ads attracted the attention of more than 50% consumers and prompted them to interact in some way whether by purchasing the product or browsing through the collection. In fact, online ads have driven several consumers for in-store shopping.

These numbers make complete sense in 2021. Social media has made it extremely easy to shop for products and services. For example, on Instagram, you can browse the brand and its products, place your order and make the payment without even leaving the platform. This makes it easy and attractive for shoppers to shop.

Electronic and technology deals were the top category of interest

It was observed that most people were interested in buying electronic or technology-related deals and products. About 49% survey takers answered that they have at least seen or bought an electronic item after seeing Black Friday ads.

This number corroborates with the findings of SEMrush and Amazon. So, if your brand falls in this category, chances are you did good business this Black Friday.

More online shopping

The survey results also show that 40% of consumers preferred shopping online exclusively. Some said that they went for in-store shopping after checking out Black Friday deals online.

Shopify reported a 21% increase in overall sales on Black Friday. This shows that most people prefer shopping online and getting products right in the comfort of their homes.

Lessons Learned for Black Friday 2022

Strong Social Media Presence Will Bring Results

From these survey results, one thing is clear that brands with a stronger online presence will always do a better business as compared to those that don’t. So, if you haven’t already, this is the time to start investing in social media marketing in Singapore.

You can start small with free resources such as making a social media page, creating content, and posting them on your page for free. Once you have enough capital, you can invest in online advertisements.

Consumers start shopping early

The National Retail Federation reports that around 61% of people tend to start shopping earlier than you would think. Most people started shopping quite early on during Halloween. In fact, some consumers completed their holiday shopping by the start of the month.

Also, around 48% consumers actively looked for shopping deals and promotions during the holiday season. What does this mean for your brand? The answer is simple. You need to start advertising for your brand quite early on if you want to get the attention of your target audience. Also, this can help you stand out from your competitors.

Consumers are inclined to shop intentionally

There is a growing trend amongst consumers to shop intentionally for products. Most of them intentionally supported local businesses over larger companies.

This mainly included Millennials and Gen Z who are making an intentional choice of shopping from smaller and local businesses. So, if you are a small business, you are in luck! Target your local audience rather than expanding too much.

Every year the holiday season is a great opportunity for businesses to get more customers and retain them long term. And we at Hyper Fame Digital make a dedicated effort to assist businesses to make the most out of it.

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