Marketing Trends

Marketing and advertising trends are changing rapidly. Several businesses are opting for non-conventional methods of marketing their business. For example, the use of social media marketing has rapidly gained momentum in the past few years.

The dynamics and implementation of social media marketing are entirely different from your traditional marketing strategies. And if the latest market analysis is to be believed, 2022 will see a few more emerging marketing trends that marketers are ready to invest in.

In this blog post, let’s take a look at 5 such marketing trends that marketers must lookout for in 2022.

  • Influencer marketing crucial for lead/revenue generator

In 2021, most businesses and marketers realized the power of influencer marketing. And hence influencer marketing will be a growing trend in 2022. Influencer marketing brought businesses more revenue as compared to traditional marketing campaigns.

This is because most people used social media to look for new businesses, products, and services. And with the shopping feature, it became easy for users to shop too. However, one key thing that might change in 2022 is the type of influencers used by brands.

Currently, most brands focus on influencers who are popular and have big names. However, micro-influencers might be more beneficial for brands in 2022.

  • Prioritizing short-form video

In 2020, when the pandemic hit the world, people were locked in their houses looking for some entertainment. And that’s where short-form video platforms started gaining massive popularity. Amongst them is TikTok.

This became one of the most used platforms for short-form video. Businesses saw potential in creating short-form videos as they entertained their audience while promoting their brand and increasing revenue.

So, businesses will prioritize short-form video formats for marketing their products. Marketers have already seen the immense potential in social media marketing. And short-form video marketing is just another addition. Also, short-form video is a cheaper method to spread the brand message as compared to corporate video production in Singapore.

  • Audio content will more investment

Yes, audio content will come to the forefront. You might think that video content is the king and there is no point in investing in audio content. However, that won’t be true in 2022.

More people are listening to podcasts on different audio platforms. So, businesses see massive potential in collaborating with podcasters and creating audio content that can be easily promoted. Also, audio content requires a lesser monetary investment as compared to video content.

  • Brands need to be socially responsible

More and more customers these days believe that brands must be held accountable for their stand on social issues. In 2020, when the effect of pandemic and the demand for social justice was at an all-time high, people wanted brands to express their stand on social media.

In 2022, brands must address this demand and become more socially responsible. They need to drive their marketing in the same direction where they can leverage their stand on social issues to create a positive brand image.

  • Inbound marketing will still be the key

Businesses will keep applying inbound marketing strategies in 2022. These strategies make sure that you meet the customers where they are instead of blindly attracting them by pushing out a common message.

If you want to read more about inbound strategies and why it works, we already have a wonderful and informative blog on our website.

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