Youtube advertising is literally the untapped traffic gold rush in 2020.

Do you know that as contrary to what most marketers say, Youtube ads are highly profitable?

If someone had told me that 5 years ago, I’d probably call his BS and stick to my advertising platform.

We honestly didn’t think it would work until we decided to take a leap of faith in Youtube Ads a year ago, 

Helping one of our clients diversify into other traffic sources.

And it totally transformed the way we approach Youtube Advertising.

From a single campaign, we’ve gotten 6x results and generated 7 figures for their business.

It sounds crazy, right?

With currently over 2 billion monthly users and 500 hours of videos uploaded every minute, that’s a huge potential of videos displaying your ads.

Imagine just having a video and automating it to reach a large pool of audience, converting into money as you sleep.

But right now, you’re sitting in front of the screen, reading this article, and hoping that dream will happen to you. 

And because you’ve probably heard many marketers say that it does not work, or may have even tried it yourself but failed. 

That made you think, Youtube advertising is a lie. 

You see.. 

There are thousands of video ads displaying to viewers with the same hook and angle, making them all look the same and boring.

It’s like wearing the same outfit with 10 other people in a shopping mall.

You get the idea… it won’t make you stand out and capture people’s attention.

But with the right strategy in place and leveraging on the world’s second largest search engine, that is Youtube, that dream is possible with our B.O.S.S. method.

Later in this article, we’ll be showing you how this secret hack to create a winning video ad that is going to make you one step ahead of your competitors.

Youtube Ads Best Practices

  1. Custom Targeting

Beside targeting customers by their demographics like age groups, gender, geographic location and even income level groups, Youtube Ads have the capability to target videos by topic, category and keyword.

This can help you reach your ideal customers and increases the likelihood of your ad being relevant to the viewer. Additionally, with Placement Targeting, you can identify Youtube pages you want your ads to appear on.

Utilising custom targeting features on Youtube allows you to narrow down to your intended audience, so you know that you’re making good use of your money.

  1. Re-Marketing

Youtube advertising has the capability to re-market to Youtube ads viewers. Re-engage audiences that are familiar with your brand and service, to drive them to your website or landing page.

Using the data collected from your first Youtube ads, can help re-market to people who have watched your videos but have not taken any action. 

This acts as a reminder that your product or service is a necessary purchase and all they have to do is click on the button.

3. Measuring Performance

Keeping track of your ads performance provides you with valuable insights of audience behaviour and engagement. This way, you can make the necessary changes to maximise results. Ads performance can be found under the Analytics tab which allows you to learn, for example:

  • Which ad format is performing the best

  • How long they watch them 

  • At which point they disengage 

Running ads for the first time usually takes some trial and error, to test a few times and analyse what customers are most interested in. This may be due to the constant change in trends and social influence in today’s ever evolving society.

  1. Scaling 

How to scale from up to $5k-10k per day ad spend and get 10x return.

You can only start to scale once your ads have been optimized. Both things can’t happen at the same time…

It’s like trying to feel hot and cold at the same time…

The truth is, they have very different end goals with both on the opposite end of the spectrum.

Optimizing: decrease overall costs per result 

Scaling: increase overall ad budget to increase results 

Costs of advertising on Youtube

According to Google, an average ad view or click costs between USD $0.10 to $0.30 and you’ll only be charged if your video is viewed 30 seconds or more.

This means that you’re only essentially charged by marketing to your ideal audiences, those that don’t skip your ads within the first 5 seconds, isn’t that great?

The Truth Behind Failed Youtube Ads

The difference between a Winning video ad and a  “I don’t care, skip it” video often comes down to an awesome creative script.

Having a great personality is also another factor, but doesn’t really affect too much as you think it does.

When people are being forced to watch your ads on youtube, most of the time they are annoyed by it.

They try to press skip once the “short” 5-second window is over…

and usually, most of them do press skip (like those pesky WIX and monday . com ads I have been seeing for the past 1 year)

and your videos get skipped by the very same target audience you are trying to get attention from…

Sounds like one of my friend who got rejected from a girl he tried to approach on the street

the feeling from such rejection is by no means easy to take

and the video has not done its job

its job to get more visibility and branding

all because the viewer decided that watching the video they choose is much more interesting than the ad.

There’s a simple way to fix it.

The Secret Hack (B.O.S.S. Method)

All winning video ad consists of 4 core fundamentals

B.O.S.S stands for Big Idea, Offer, Story and Skepticism.

Big Idea: What is the big idea you are promoting? 

A big idea has a lot of different definitions and it’s one of the most confusing concepts in the copywriting world. 

If you ask 10 copywriters for the definition of a big idea, you are most likely to get 10 different definitions…

My own definition of the big idea: How is it spun differently from every other competitor in the market?

You see… most people try to model and hack somebody’s idea of their video ad 

What’s worse is when you’re in a niche where everyone is just copying one another of their ads… Nobody stands out!

Here are a few ways to find your big ideas:

  • Look into the uniqueness of your product features’ benefits or even use Example: Proudly waterproof boots (see how it uses its features as a strong plus point?)

  • The story of the founder; anything that helps in making his or her branding 10x stronger more believable and convincing. Example: How this gambling addict turns his life around through drop shipping / trading/affiliate marketing…

  • Brand new concept of solving the same problem (can be something that people have forgotten about or something that you bring in from other industries) Example: To scale online all you need is one good ad

The only way you can create better big ideas is to really know your audience and market well, so that you can be one step ahead of your competitors.

Most people usually do email surveys, scour on forums, google search or go on amazon to check reviews

You need to do more than that by getting on the phone with your prospects and finding out the reason why they buy and don’t buy.

Take note of the patterns and those moments you know have helped people to convert and then just use them as your big ideas.

If you don’t have a big idea yet, you should definitely do your research or get a marketer to do the research for you and scale your ads with the right messaging.

This is one of the biggest factors between a 6 and 7 figure business in the coaching space

Offer: What exactly are you offering them?

“What’s in it for me?”

That question probably popped up in your prospect head most of the time which makes them hesitate by just asking them to click on your link to view your site. 

This doesn’t compel them to take action. Let them know what’s in it for them if they opt-in and sign up for whatever you’re offering. Paint their desired future for them. 

An example would be “Imagine if you apply the steps in this post, you will be able to create Winning Video Ads that can generate you 5x more than what you are currently doing right now”. 

But this is also where people go horribly wrong…

The reason why you aren’t succeeding is that you haven’t learnt of this one new skill…

That is, the cause of your mindset

You didn’t learn from the right person …

You might have seen ads which leave a bad taste in people’s mouth

Don’t use definitive statements to talk to your audience, that’s a mistake there.

It might push away a large part of the audience that might have bought your product or services before because they decided that it wasn’t a good fit to click on your link, if you force your ideas upon them. 

Now, another key component about painting the future is to also paint their present pain points.

Always have both PAIN & PLEASURE

When there isn’t any contrast people don’t feel the urge to take action to change…

Without pain, it isn’t really a problem for people. You must let people recognize the pain and the desire together in the ads to get them to take action

The more emotions you evoke in people, the better results you will get

It’s kind of like watching games of thrones where you are always on the edge of your seat not sure what is going to happen and BAM your favourite character dies…

Imagine the feelings the viewer goes through in that whole series, it definitely felt like an emotional rollercoaster

A tip for you if you have not thought of the pain and the pleasure yet is to get into your prospect’s head, put yourself in their shoes and think like them …

Once you find out their wants, desires and pain, you can easily relate to them and they will most likely buy from you. 

This is how we helped our clients craft out great video ads that resonate with their audience.

People even write in to thank him for sharing his personal story…

Once used properly, it is a weapon of mass conversion

Story: What is your story? 

This part is where you amplify both the pain and pleasure with stories. A great storyteller is also a great marketer. Stories are everywhere around us, and the feeling you get from the video encourages people to take action.

Stories are often mistold in video ads as advertisers often skimp through the details

The details are one of the key components to telling a great story that keeps people captivated

Be as specific as possible with your promise

There are 3 Tiers of specificity:

  • how to make more money

  • how to 2x your income

  • how to generate $1,231.56 in just 1 hour

(being more specific in the details allows people to believe you more)

Tell the story of a hero’s journey. 

Show failure and describe how it felt.

Show small wins

Show people the process of how you got to the top

Show what you have achieved (end results)

Show your end goal in numbers or in lifestyle

Share your purpose (mission/goal in life) 

Have a higher calling, if not people would think that you are just showing off!

When creating the story DON’T BE LOGICAL, tell the story that you actually don’t want to tell…

Be vulnerable, share it with the world, that’s how you outplay most people, be more authentic and impact more people.

Eliminate Scepticism: What’s your proof? 

The proof you have to back up whatever you’re saying.

Imagine if you watched an ad telling you that they make the best sandwiches in the area

You would immediately go, “no! Sam’s sandwiches that I have at work are the best, there’s no way that’s true…”

It’s exactly the same for the people watching your ad. It doesn’t matter how “big” the opportunity is or how much money they can make if they don’t believe in it.

Show people the proof, don’t only tell them. This will get your ad converting much higher!

It’s kind of like the show and tell you used to do in kindergarten, there’s always this one kid who tells super vivid and interesting stories but when you ask them more questions you realise it’s all just fluff… Don’t be that kid)

Now, with this BOSS video formula, you can effectively create videos for YouTube Ads that will make you lots of money…

It might be a lot to take it at once

I know…

That’s why at our agency we’ve been applying this BOSS Formula for many 6-7 figure coaches and course creators who want to scale their business to the next level (but prefer to leave the youtube ads side of thing to us so that they can focus on working on the backends stuff). Feel free to hop on a short call with us to see how we can create something amazing! You may also check out more of our works here.

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