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Would you rather spend thousands of dollars fixing a bad video or a decent amount to get it right once?

You see..

Most people will tend to look for the cheaper options 

Like hiring freelancers or virtual assistants from overseas at a cheaper rate 

Spending time and effort looking through reviews and pick the best 

It will probably work with their professional editing softwares 

But the problem is, it doesn’t lie with just editing of the video..

So now you must be wondering,

Then what is a “bad video”?

Well.. what i meant by “bad video” isn’t referring to the quality of editing

But rather, video content strategies to increase engagement 

To align with your marketing objectives and get your message across clearly to your target audience

It’s a lot harder to fix a “bad video” than planning the right strategies from the start

Using a video to market, takes a lot more than just shooting and editing a video 

To try and fix a poorly strategisGted video for marketing,  

You may end up having to spend more than what you expected

Or rather, you waste your marketing budget on things that are not helping you generate revenue

Even by doing-it-yourself in-house and trying to model after someone else’s idea,

it will just make your video like the majority 

No uniqueness and definitely won’t stand out

Video marketing agencies help you see things from a strategic perspective

Plan your overall content strategy and end goal is to get you ROI.

81% of marketers say that videos are more effective at generating leads than blog posts

There is a lot more potential than you think

If you leverage and utilize video marketing correctly, you’ll see growth in your business. 

Here are 3 insights on why you should work with a team of video marketing experts:

  1. Focus on increasing engagement 

Understand your target audience; their needs and wants. More specifically, their desires and pain points. Have this thought in mind of “how will this video benefit them?”.

This will require some market research on your customers demographics and behaviours. 

Create a compelling storytelling that is valuable and entertaining to your audience and focus on the first 5 seconds of the video

Make sure your content is relevant to the audience, or they will not want to stick around for long

The key here is to speak directly to your audience, making them feel like you can read their mind, to evoking emotions when watching 

  1. Work closely with you 

Having a team with video marketing expertise to strategize the long term plan of your marketing campaign to increase ROI.   

Strategies customised to meet your business objectives.

Work with someone who is experienced in that niche, because they will know the ins and outs of the target audience.  

And to add on, the performance of the video after launching will be tracked by the team. They analyse the data collected and monitor closely to optimise campaigns.

The goal of a video marketing team is to build a good relationship with you and work closely to maximise results. 

  1. Increase brand awareness 

Video is a SEO gold mine. 

It helps build backlinks to your site, boosting likes and shares (which can affect search rankings), and drive traffic to your site. 

How do you make people notice yours and not someone else’s?

To use magical video keywords that are high ranking.

Video keywords that get at least 100-1000 searches per month.  


If you can get video to rank in Google, a large percentage of the searches will click on your video in the results

Getting you high-quality traffic to your site after. 

This will require the knowledge of video optimization and video ranking factors other than just producing a video.


Generating good content that is eye catching to your ideal audience is not as easy as you may think. All the time and effort into making a good video can be the key to constantly help you generate leads and sales. If you’re still unsure how video marketers can help with your business, feel free to have a chat with us!

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