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“My product/service is the best in the market” 

Sounds familiar?

I’m sure every business owner has that thought in mind but the next question comes..

“But why isn’t anyone buying from me? They’re missing out”

Well, the problem isn’t with your product or service that you provide

But rather, your ideal customers are not aware of it and then you pin all your hope on traditional paid marketing to get you leads

Even so, how many of those leads actually convert to sales? 

Now, imagine cold calling 100 poor quality leads and 9 out of 10 will probably scream at you and slam the phone down 

What’s worse, blocking your contact so you won’t get to reach them again

The feeling of rejection is similar to a girl rejecting a guy’s love confession

You’re not sure how long you can keep doing it…

Nobody likes cold calling.

And this is the same for having poor quality leads for your business.

Paying for leads that have zero interest in purchasing your product/service.

Quality over quantity wins the game. 

Increase the quality of your leads by asking 10 questions before writing your sales copy 

  1. What is my unique mechanism?

The new opportunity for people to take notice. If it’s not unique, no one will care about your message or idea. 

It’s scientifically proven that our brain reacts to novelty, makes us “light up” when we see new things. 

Motivating humans to explore the exciting new thing for potential rewards. 

That is why your unique idea has to satisfy a group of human desire. 

Activating your prospects into the mode of “exploring” and getting them excited to find out about the new opportunity. 

  1. What’s in it for them?

Humans attention span is as short as eight seconds. Hence, you want to give them a reason to read what you have to say. 

Prospects only care if the thing concerns or benefits them. Your sales copy should address what they want within seconds of reading.

The most important word in the copy is “You”. Let them know what they can get from reading your sales copy. 

Make a big promise in the first half of the page. It’s probably the only chance to trigger the reader’s emotions.

  1. How to eliminate their scepticism?

If you’ve done the first two questions correctly, your ideal customers will still be skeptical. 

Here’s where you have to show proof in your sales copy, make them believe before they leave your page. 

You may include initial proof such as; testimonials, statistics, third party quotes etc. (or any other types you can think of)

Use the ABT structure when providing proof. You must be wondering what’s the ABT Structure, right?

Well, it stands for “And”, “But” and “Therefore”. Creating a simple story-telling around those proofs instead being analytical (less emotional). 

“And” helps set up the background and give momentum to the story. “But” creates conflict, adding tension and “therefore” gives the story a conclusion.

  1. What’s your justification?

Justify your ideal prospect’s failures by showing them the real reason why those strategies or products they used previously have failed. 

It’s basically telling them that the solutions they have used in the past did not address the real problem. 

Now, there’s a new opportunity (solution) that addresses the real problem. 

Take the blame of your prospects failures off their shoulders and make them believe how you can help achieve their desires.

It’s about giving your prospects Hope.

Your new mechanism that can now possibly help them, based on solid logic and backed up by facts, of course.

  1. Who is to blame?

Understand your prospect and leverage on their existing beliefs. 

Don’t try to create an enemy out of the blue. It’s harder for them to relate.

For example, in the anti-aging supplement niche, a lot of the prospects are older people who already believe supplements costs are out of control. 

Naturally, it’s common to set up greedy pharmaceutical companies as the enemy.

It is important to do research to find out how you can effectively portray the common enemy. 

  1. Why should they act now?

The truth is, you need to plant the seeds in your prospect’s head that he’s facing an “either-or” situation. 

Either they act now, or they’ll miss out the incredible opportunity you presented. 

The key here is to raise the stakes. Trigger the thought of “Fear Of Missing Out”. 

Set a dateline or create situational scarcity to make it sound more urgent.

For example, revealing a specific deadline for the new opportunity till it’s gone forever or using the current economic situation and be ahead of others.

This urges people to take action now. 

  1. Why should they trust you?

The goal here is to empathise with your prospects and show that “I’ve been in your shoes”. 

Such that you went through the same challenges but found a new mechanism which changes everything. 

This way, your reader will think “ OMG, he’s just like me. Finally, someone who gets it. That’s exactly what i’m going through right now. And he already achieved what I want.”

By indirectly saying their desire and painting the picture in the prospect’s head of how wonderful their life could be.

  1. How does it actually work?

Now, it’s time to reveal how your unique mechanism actually works. To give them the end result that you promised. 

Show how you are going to bring them there by explaining your mechanism in a logical way which makes sense. 

If you’re able to explain how your mechanism works in the ABT Structure, it makes it easier for readers to consume.

Proving how your new opportunity is the key to their desire and it’s only attainable through your new mechanism. 

  1. What is your offer?

All you have to do is make a no-brainer offer. 


Create a hue GAP between value and the price. Offer a ton of value instead of cutting your price. 

This increases the perceived value and how your prospect thinks.

Most businesses make the mistake of making their product/service look “cheap”.

Here are some examples of increasing the value;

  • Compare it to a higher price product that can provide a similar solution 

  • Use scarcity (time left or number of units available)

  • Add in bonuses or premiums 

  1. What do they have to lose?                                                                                     

Lastly, eliminate the risk for your prospect to opt in by having a money-back guarantee or other type of risk reversal. 

Giving prospects the idea of “not losing anything if they’re not happy with it” 

The other method is to increase the pain level by giving scenarios of what they will experience if they do not act immediately. 

You can do so by giving options directed in your favour without sounding pushy. Like painting a picture that nothing will change in his life if he didn’t act. 

This creates the illusion that the reader’s in control of his decisions. 

Remember, people chase what moves away from them.

All these points are the idea behind lead generation but it requires strategies and framework to see results fast. If you need someone to help you create a customised lead magnet, we’re here to value add to your business. Feel free to hop on a call with us! You may also check out more of our works here.

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