Using Facebook for Free and Paid Lead Generation

Let’s face facts, digital sales is a competitive industry. Whether your product is an online service or a tangible good, there are seemingly exponential methods of advertising and lead generation available. 

Knowing this, how can we be expected to choose just one method to generate leads? 

Solidifying a good lead generation process can take years of experimentation (and tons of money) that many companies and startups simply don’t have. This is often why “growth hacking” experts are hired, but if you have no budget for another employee, what option does that leave for you? 

Don’t worry though! With the right formula and combination of ad dollars, creative, and eye-catching imagery, Facebook can be a lead generating machine. You just need to let it work for you and be open to experimenting a little ;)

Types of Facebook lead generation

As we’ve mentioned, you can pursue two broad categories of lead generation on Facebook: free and paid. Read on for more information and strategies related to each method.

Free lead generation

Now “free” is a term we definitely like to see when it comes to building your business. But this method is not entirely free of cost: it will cost you your time, effort, and patience. As you can imagine, this method will take more effort and a longer period of time to start seeing results so many people opt for a more strategic and “effortless” paid campaign, in comparison.

If you’re ready for the hustle, you can take the following steps towards generating free leads from your Facebook business page: 

*note that before you will start getting leads, you need traffic so a focus on increasing traffic to your page will be paramount to your success here.

  • Create valuable shareable content
  • Drive traffic to your Facebook business page by linking elsewhere (website, newsletters, other social media platforms)
  • Create a lead form for your business page
  • Optional: promote your lead form using a (low cost) paid ad campaign

Basically, if you drive traffic to your Facebook page, keep potential clients interested with valuable and shareable content, and use a low cost ad strategy ($5 daily budget for just 24 hours, skip your latte), and then pin your advertised post at the top of your business page, you now have a “free” lead form on your Facebook business page.

Keeping this lead for front and center as a “pinned lead ad” will provide a long-term free method of generating leads from your Facebook business page.

On top of that, you have to also update the creative and incentive on a regular basis (consider including a valuable freebie) to appeal to different clients.

Paid lead generation

If the free method seems like more hassle than it’s worth, consider a low cost paid strategy like one of the following:

  • Increasing your ad’s click-through-rate
  • Use a lead-gen landing page (via Facebook)
  • Targeting a niche audience

Increasing your click-through-rate can seem challenging if you have not been having much success with ads in the past, but it’s actually quite a simple process. 

Making sure you have the following elements in your ad can make a huge difference:

  • Include a happy person, baby, or animal photo 
  • Keep it simple 
  • Test a funny or odd image (shock value) 
  • Use the word “free” if you can 
  • Use eye-catching colors: orange, red, or green 
  • Put a border around your ad

Once people are clicking your ads, using a lead-gen page to communicate your value can be extremely useful.

You can provide value by including these elements on your lead-gen page:

  • Contest or competition with a prize 
  • Email-gated content like an eBook, guide, or case-studies
Users will be much more likely to enter their details, potentially leading to a sale, if you provide some gated content that is of value to them. Once they have the valuable content you can initiate a series of automated drip emails with offers to buy a more comprehensive guide or sign up for a program. 

Whatever your end goal is here, they are more likely to convert with a well-executed lead gen page.

Using a niche audience 

Finally, if you would prefer to let your ads run with minimal intervention, targeting a niche audience of leads could be right for you. 

Since Facebook targeting can get extremely granular, you will want to start with a lookalike audience and continue tweaking the parameters from there. 

You can do this by importing a list of customers or linking a Shopify store with customer demographics listed. The lookalike audience will target customers that are similar to your existing audience, customers that are most-likely to buy your products! 

If you don’t want to go the lookalike route, or have a good idea of your ideal audience, you can use the targeting features to find customers by precise interest or broad interest. Both of these methods can generate leads at an extremely efficient rate, as long as they are regularly maintained, modified, and monitored for reporting purposes.

Work with Hyper Fame Digital 

Now that you have some options for affordable Facebook lead generation, you can start incorporating them into your marketing strategy. 

You can also pursue performance focused marketing like Facebook advertising through agencies like Hyper Fame Digital. Focused on high converting funnels, Facebook ads, compelling videos, and effective digital marketing strategies to help grow your business. 

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