Contrary to traditional marketing, digital marketing involves all platforms that occur electronically and online; the internet.

59% of the global population uses the internet which is about 4.57 billion active internet users. 

If you think about it, a smartphone is all you need when leaving the house, not even a wallet

You put everything else on hold when the instant notification bell rings 

Or when you spend hours on social media platforms 

Indulging in any content that catches your eye 

That’s every opportunity you can sell to your ideal customers

Take advantage of this golden potential and leverage on our present advanced technology world.

This is the overall view of what digital marketing essentially is.

And they are all potential services to acquire a customer online

Whether is it to get more leads or promote your product and service,

Here’s what the types of digital marketing strategies have in common that can increase growth in your business


  1. Identify and segment your ideal audiences 

Plan and market research on the ideal customers you want to serve. Before marketing, it is important to understand your customers demographics and behaviours. 

Address their pain points and questions they may have in mind. 

Consumers today expect a personalised experience across every touch point. 


  1. Establish goals and measurement strategies

Set measurable goals.

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot improve it.” – Lord Kelvin

Some of the important metrics include; engagement rate, impressions, clicks, cost per lead, return on investment and so on..

Align your team and communicate the objectives to be met.


3. Creating awesome content

It can come in written or video form but most importantly is to have a story. 

Humans attention span is short and you want to capture their attention for as long as possible. 

Create content that spark emotions, that way the audience is more likely to read or watch your stuff. 

Make content about them, not you. Consumers only care what is in it for them and how they can benefit from your business. 


  1. Set up channels and technology systems 

Having systems in place increases work efficiency. 

By having well-integrated technologies in your marketing platform can help increase data accuracy and accessibility as well. 

Organized data helps you maximise your time and effort, focusing on other business areas instead.

With real-time data sharing and processing, you can respond quicker and provide better service to your customer. 

  1. Measure performance and optimise 

With the channels set up for campaign launching, consumer data will be collected. 

The information will allow you to analyse and optimise campaigns to improve results. 

Remember to review the metrics regularly and make sure they are aligned with your campaign goals.

Building customer loyalty and branding is increasingly important to increase business growth.


In this high-demand and competitive space, it’s only right that we leverage on technology to stay relevant.

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