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Marketing is one of the crucial business functions. It is the way a brand can reach its potential customers and promote its products and services effectively. Offline marketing has been the go-to method for businesses to reach their customers. 

However, video marketing seems to be the most impactful way to market a business. But there have been certain misconceptions about video marketing. These include video production is expensive, difficult to make, and might not have so much value. 

But such is not the case! Video production is one of the most effective ways to promote your products and services. And we will tell you why! 

Here are six advantages that you can get from corporate video production.

  • Create a Greater Impact

Videos have been known to create more impact than readable text. And there’s a strong reason for it. Videos are easier to grasp for the human brain. Most of our conversations are mostly visual and hence our brains can retain more information for a longer time. 

Also, with easy access to the Internet and mobile screens, most people are exposed to the video format of advertising. This has allowed us to embrace the format more easily. Customers tend to think about the brand for a longer time when exposed to video advertisements. 

  • A Higher Demand

You will be surprised to know that most people use YouTube, the largest video-sharing platform to search for how-to and educational videos. This means a brand can opt for corporate video production to create educational videos that associate with your brand and product range.

So, it is clear that people use Google to search for facts but use YouTube to connect with a brand and find something that they can use in daily life.

  • Search Engines Love Videos

Since most videos are educational, they are more valuable to a search engine. The search engine is built to provide valuable information to the visitor who is trying to search for something. So, when you have a video embedded in your website, chances are higher for your page rank on the first page. 

Statistics have shown that it is 53 times more likely for your page to have a better ranking if it has a video embedded in it. This shows the search engine that you have something valuable to offer and is worth the time a visitor will invest in your website. 

  • Social Media Also Loves Videos

Social media platforms are where most of the content is shared as a video. This is because videos are easy to grasp and easy to share with your family and friends. This means more exposure to your brand across different social media channels resulting in more customers. 

Also, most people use their mobile devices to watch videos. This makes it easier for customers to consume your videos and thus information regarding your brand. Customers are more likely to purchase after watching a branded video on social media. And you certainly want that!

  • Recycling of Content

Videos allow you to recycle your content easily and still create an impact on your audience. You can easily cut your videos into short snippets and still convey the message you intend to. In fact, you can cut your existing videos strategically to even change the final message that you want to convey. 

How cool is that! And it saves you money on new video productions in long run. 

  • Videos Give You a High ROI

Now we know that when it comes to incorporating videos in your marketing strategy, there needs to be more convincing for the upper brass. And here’s the overall deal. Over half the businesses that have incorporated a video in their website or overall marketing plan have seen a massive rise in their return on investment. 

They have found that more customers are interested in buying their brand products and stay committed to the brand for a longer time. 

So, as you can see, videos are easy to build a brand presence. They are palpable, highly professional, and give your brand credibility. Hence, if you want to invest in video production in Singapore, get in touch with us at Hyper Fame Digital. 

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