video production in Singapore

Gone are the days when people were interested in looking at images and reading long captions below them. Today, our attention span has reduced to a huge extent. As a result, today’s internet users are more inclined towards watching videos than seeing images. So, as a business owner, it is extremely essential that you get video production in Singapore services to create larger-than-life, finest quality videos that can attract the attention of your potential customers. These videos can change the course of your business and can help you get the success that you have never even imagined.

But, if you are in a dilemma about getting corporate video production in Singapore services then we can show you video marketing statistics that will surely help you make up your mind.

  • Around 50% of people search for videos about a particular product before buying it.

According to Google, a large number of people look for videos about a product before making up their minds about purchasing it. This is simply because we have started believing in looking at a product from all angles in a video rather than just looking at it from the perfect angle. Videos provide us with a sense of reality.

  • People spend around 2 minutes more on websites that have videos.

If you have videos about your products or services on your business website then you are more likely to grab the attention of internet users. This is proven that people spend more time on websites that have videos than websites that do not have any videos. So, the best time to get videos for your business created is now.

  • Around 75% of business owners have accepted that videos have helped them generate more revenues.

The majority of business owners that have tried their hands on video marketing have absolutely loved its results. They have been surprised with the response that they have got from their customers after they started uploading videos about their products or services. So, why wait anymore? You should start marketing your products with the help of videos today.

  • Viewers easily understand 95% of the message when it is explained through a video.

Do you know that people only retain 10% of what is written in a text just after a few minutes? On the contrary, if they see the same message through a video they can understand 95% of it. So, you can surely understand what a better deal is for you. In today’s time, the focus of audiences has completely shifted towards videos. So, your time to shift your focus is now.

While watching videos is extremely fun, it is equally difficult to create engaging videos. So, instead of wasting your time in it, you can take help from Hyper Fame Digital. We are a reliable and trustworthy video production company in Singapore that can easily churn out the best ideas for your business and can create videos that will catch the attention of most viewers. With your valuable inputs, we will create videos better than everyone else. Connect with us today!