corporate video production Singapore

In the past few years, video advertisements have grown exponentially. Although we had video advertisements only on television, with the rise of the Internet, they are now everywhere. Whether you open your desktops, laptops, mobile devices, or any other gadget with a screen, you find a video advertisement compatible with the device. 

And this immense response from the audience is as expected. Most brands these days use videos to create a major impact on their audience. This allows them to attract the attention of the audience and promote their products and services. This easy accessibility to video advertisements has made it easy for businesses of all sizes to invest in corporate video production services. 

However, several companies still hesitate to invest in video advertisement production due to the fear of lower ROI. The major reason for this is that these companies choose a video production company just like they would choose any other tangible product. Just get a few quotes from a local video production company and make a corporate video that doesn’t deliver results.

This lousy strategy of choosing a corporate video production company costs a business more than what they are ready to invest. Now, if you have been in the same loop, you know what major mistake you were making! So, instead of dwelling on the mistake, let’s look at 4 tips for choosing the right video production company for your business videos. 

  • Experience

Now, companies might claim that they have experience in video production. However, you need to ensure that they have specific experience in creating videos that you want. For example, you want to create a corporate video for your brand. 

You need to hire a company that can deliver corporate videos and not just a basic video that doesn’t deliver your key points. Otherwise, you will end up with a demo reel that is too costly but doesn’t help your business in any way. 

  • Marketing expertise

You not only need a company that has video production experience but also marketing expertise. If the company has asked you questions regarding your target audience, target market, the type of product, and its features, you must hire them right away.

Delving deep into your product for creating accurate video shows that the company has marketing expertise.

  • Customer relationships

A video production company that is serious about creating business videos for marketing will certainly want to build long-lasting relationships with its clients. They will care about the success of the project and not just short-term, instead, focus on long-term bonds. 

Choose such a company that has integrity and respect for its clients. 

  • Professional proposal

Lastly, choose a company that gives you a professional proposal of the video production service. The proposal must tell you everything related to video production. How long is the duration of the shoot? Is it a 2 camera or 3 camera shoots? Are they shooting the video in HD or SD? What about the actors and voiceover professionals, are they accommodating them? All these questions and more must be answered in the video production proposal from the company. 

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