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Businesses need to advertise their products and services to reach the required audience. Hence, they need to run an ad campaign after intensive research and financial input. And this is not a small feat to achieve! 

After putting in so much work and finances, you want your advertisements in Singapore ready to be bid. And that’s where Google’s Quality Score can help you. In this blog post, we will focus on two things. Firstly, we will see in brief what a Quality Score means. Secondly, we will go in-depth and get to know why Quality Score is important for businesses. 

What is Quality Score?

A Quality Score is a Google Ads metrics that help evaluate the quality of your ads. This score is required to determine the relevance of the advertisements. The score ranges between 1 to 10 where 10 is the best. The higher your quality score, the better your ads will perform. 

The Quality Score is also important for Google as they earn money when a user clicks on an ad. Hence, they need to match the right audience with the right advertisements. And they need to display ads that have higher quality. 

Google determines the Quality Score for an ad by looking at how other advertisers are performing for the past 90 days for the same keyword. 

Quality Score: Does it affect ad rank?

Google Algorithm doesn’t consider Quality Score when it comes to the bidding process. However, it does affect the overall rank of the ad. 

And there is a non-direct link between Quality Score and ad rank. A low-quality score indicates that your ad is not doing so well and is unable to provide the required user experience. You can consider that Quality Score as a diagnostic tool that you can use to develop an ad that gives greater user experience and performance. 

Quality Score: What are the three components?

Click through Rate (CTR) predictor was the tool Google initially used to determine the quality of ads. The search engine is used to identify low-performing advertisements using CTRs that need to give higher costs per click. 

Currently, the CTR is still a major component that helps determine the Quality Score of ads. Here are two other components that are used to determine the Quality Score. 

  • Ad Relevance: The score is determined based on ad relevance. Google will see whether your ad is relevant to the keyword or the ad group. 
  • Landing Page Experience: The score will also include points for the landing page experience. The better the advertising user experience after clicking your ad, the better the Quality Score. 

The Quality Score will be given as below average, average, and above average. 

Quality Score: Why is it important?

Knowing the Quality Score will help you optimize your ad campaign. The biggest reason why you should pay attention to Quality Score is the costs. If your ads are low quality, you need to pay more costs per click. 

Also, if there is low competition in your keywords, with low ad quality, you might end up paying as much as your CPC. Therefore, you need to pay more attention to the quality of your ads on Google. 

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