lead generation in Singapore

Lead generation and converting them into customers is the main aim of any business. While most businesses can generate leads, they find it difficult to convert them into customers.

How many times does it happen with your business where your customers visit your website, check out the products and pricing, maybe add the product to the cart, yet leave the website? If it’s happening too many times, you don’t just need to focus on lead generation but lead nurturing thus making them customers.

The best tactic to nurture your leads is by sending themlead nurturing emails. These emails will include content that is engaging, enticing, and encouraging your potential leads to convert into customers.

However, to create lead nurturing emails that work, here are seven best practices you must follow.

Provide expert insights in your first email

Lead nurturing emails are like mini blog posts. You can utilize these mini blog posts as a way to provide some important information to your customers. Give them some expert insights about the niche of products you sell. For example, if you have a beauty brand, you can tell them an easy skincare routine followed by the products they can buy.

One topic, One Email

Don’t include too many topics and information in your lead nurturing emails. Just focus on one topic that is relevant to your customers. For example, they might have seen a haircare product on your website. You need to focus on this topic alone in your lead nurturing email. Let them know how the chosen haircare product can help them get smooth, silky, shiny, and luscious hair.

Don’t forget to add a call-to-action button!

Short and sweet

Keep your lead nurturing email short and sweet. Don’t include too much information to avoid overload. It shouldn’t take your lead to read and scan the email for more than five seconds. Always think about how you would like to read a lead nurturing email while drafting it for your customers.

You want the lead to start moving ahead in the lead generation in Singapore funnel and convert into customer. Hence, keep it simple.

Carefully plan the flow of emails

Don’t bombard your lead with emails that don’t resonate with them in their lead nurturing journey. You need to carefully plan the flow of your lead nurturing emails. Your first email must be informational, followed by emails that give them some information and prompt them to become a customer. Second emails are a great opportunity to give your customers discount deals or offers. This usually motivates them to purchase the product.

Test and Track

Always start by testing your emails. Learn if your current content is working on your potentials leads or not. Use the right metrics to determine the success of your lead nurturing email campaigns. If you find that some content isn’t resonating with your leads, you might need to revamp the whole thing.

If your lead nurturing email campaign is working, you will have an unsubscribing rate of less than 5%.

Personalize emails

Always focus on personalizing emails according to the type of leads. If you send a generalized lead nurturing email, chances are that it won’t work, and you will not get desired results. Hence, you need to personalize lead nurturing emails. While personalizing emails, you need to think about your leads not just as a customer but also their interactions with your business. Did they just browse your product collection? Did they add any product to the cart but didn’t complete the checkout process? Did they subscribe to your newsletter?

Based on these interactions, personalize the emails.

Stay consistent

Lastly, make sure to stay consistent when it comes to your brand image. Your consumers recognize you due to your brand image and voice. Continue to send lead nurturing emails that resonate with your brand voice.

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