Facebook marketing

Businesses have rapidly moved on social media platforms and are determined to exploit their full potential to promote their products and services. And Facebook has emerged as the most favoured social media platform by small, medium, and large businesses alike. With more than a billion users on the platform around the world, reaching potential customers have become easier for businesses of all sizes and sectors. 

However, some businesses are still sceptical about promoting their business on this social media giant. But Facebook advertising in Singapore surely has numerous benefits which have made it one of the favourite methods of advertising for businesses in the region. If you are still wondering whether Facebook advertising will be beneficial or not, here are a few benefits that will surely convince you. 

  • Micro-Target Your Audience

One of the biggest benefits of advertising on Facebook is micro-targeting your audience. Facebook has provided numerous filters that you can use to set your target audience by considering minute categories. You can target an audience based on interests, demographics, age, locations, languages, and more. 

Facebook advertising is a great platform when you want conversions. It is the best way to reach potential customers to generate leads and thus convert them into successful sales. 

  • Robust Analytics

Facebook also has robust analytics that you will never get anywhere else. The platform will give you detailed analysis and performance reports for the ads. You will get to know post engagement, likes, weekly reach, or posts that are doing best, and more. 

The Facebook analytics will provide you with information that will allow you to understand the ad performance and tweak it in a way that brings more customers to your business along with conversions. 

  • Reach More Audience as Compared to Organic Posts

If you are still thinking that your business posts will reach the target audience with organic posts, you are wrong! The latest Facebook algorithm has decreased the organic reach of business posts. So, if you want to bring the attention of potential customers to your products and services, Facebook ads are the best option. 

Since you are specifically investing money in putting up ads, the platform will show your business ads effectively to the audience. The right ads will certainly boost your Facebook marketing for your business. 

  • Remarket Your Ads

Facebook will always remarket your ads on the platform. If your potential audience has already seen your ad but didn’t interact with it right away, there will be an increased chance of interaction when your ads are remarketed. 

It has been observed that when the potential audience sees an ad at least three to seven times, there is an increased chance of interaction. You can expect such frequency of ad display on Facebook.

  • Custom CTA Button

You might already know that Call-to-Action buttons are crucial if you want your potential audience to click and visit your website or get in touch with you. Facebook allows you to put a custom call-to-action button on the ads. 

Apart from a CTA that takes the viewer to your website, there are six other CTAs too such as Apply Now, Book Now, Sign Up, Contact Us, Download, and Learn More. You can choose the CTA button as per your requirement. 

With such immense benefits, Facebook must always be your go-to option when it comes to online marketing. If you want professional assistance, you can get in touch with us at Hyper Fame Digital. We are a leading Facebook marketing agency in Singapore that will put your business on the digital map effortlessly. 

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