Why Is Youtube Ads The Untapped Traffic Gold Rush In 20201

1 year ago my client saw this unique opportunity to run ads on youtube as none of his competitors was doing any ads on there.

We were afraid because we were doing well with FB ads already we did not see the need to diversify to other traffic sources.

But we had a great Hero’s journey video and it was already converting so well on FB, we just took a leap of faith in youtube ads.

Without any experience with media buying on that platform, we actually have gotten back 6x front end for our client in his webinars.

It was then we knew that youtube ads were a gold mine that we needed to maximise for our course creator and coaching clients.

After many trial and error, this blue ocean traffic source became our bread and butter and we started getting more results for clients in the financial, biz opp and beauty niche…

and that’s how our agency generated multiple 7 figures for our clients in just 1 year and we are getting paid handsomely for it!

Now you might be wondering since youtube ads are so undervalued right now why is so little people using it? 

and only the big players in the course creator space are using it, right? 

There is this gap of misinformation. 

There is a barrier of entry into youtube but its not as high as you think it is…


When To Run Ads On Youtube?

A lot of coaches and course creators are afraid to run youtube ads as it seems like a daunting task. Google ads are a different beast from youtube… 

It seems foreign, difficult to read and yet elusive in nature as only the bigger players in the space are using it… 

It gives you the sense that you can only use it after crossing 7 figures… 

don’t worry I felt that at first too. 

But truth to be told, as long as you have a funnel or offer that’s proven to convert, its time to diversify your traffic source.

If a coach or course creator is able to generate 50-100k in revenue every single month via their funnels, but are unable to scale on FB ads due to volatility and the competition just hop over to youtube ads. 

you will be surprised by the results, and maybe even 2-5x happier? 

That’s the reason why we advocate using Youtube ads 

A lot of our clients at our agency have gotten 3-10x Return On adspend for the past few months at > 1000/day compared to other traffic sources. 

The reason is simple it’s an untapped blue ocean right now, there are so many businesses on FB but compare to the number of business on youtube. 

That’s why coaches and course creators who are on youtube ads right now are calling it a gold mine…


How we approach Youtube Ads

Let me share a bit more on our agency’s framework on running youtube ads… 

These 3 components are what we use internally to generally outline a good Youtube ad video 

at our agency, we have a framework for highly converting youtube ad videos and so far this framework has made two of our clients at least 400k with every video we produced 

If you have a video that’s converting on Facebook already it doesn’t mean it will automatically work well on youtube.** 

I know, I know….. you wished it was easier, but that’s the beauty of youtube. 

if it was sooooo easy why isn’t everyone on it right? 

Now the stuff I will be sharing is used by our clients to scale to 7 figures, its potent in nature and rakes in cash quickly when you are scaling… 

Pay close attention and do buy me a cup of coffee if it helped your business earn more moolah through course sales…

1) The first 5 seconds of the video is the most important

we all know we need to hook people to watch the video, especially on YouTube when it’s an interrupt based type of ads. 

Imagine watching your favourite YouTuber’s newest video and outcome my handsome face telling you to watch my case study cause you need to it scale your business how would you feel? 

You need to draw people in, instead of annoying them. Use humour, curiosity and shock to create enough interest for them to watch more of the video.

A few examples we have used in our video ads for hook 

1.9.11 happened (we used this for an affiliate marketing coach I kid you not) 

2.250k in debt (the usual that everyone uses last time) 

3. Buy low sell high is bad (this goes against the trading’s metaphor to trigger curiosity) 

4.We even used bloopers of our clients saying one sentence wrongly 5 times to create a sense of entertainment as well… 

The key here is to be creative, people know it’s a webinar but authenticity, curiosity, suspense and emotion is one of the best weapons in high conversions

2) The next 10 seconds is equally important (because you only get charged after 15 seconds of watch time)

its to disqualify people not qualify 


you do not want every tom, dick and harry to enter your funnel. You only want people who are your target audience. 

So use this time to tell people to not enter if they are not interested in it and skip the video. It will save time from google trying to optimize after spending a buttload of cash…

The MEAT of the video (where the yummiest part is in my opinion) 

This is where your content comes into play 

there are generally 2 ways we do this depending on the type of video 

1. an informative video that teaches the how and the benefit that it brings 
2. story-based 

Both of the ways follow a set structure that lots of video ads misses out on… 
you need to build the value around the course or coaching for people to understand
have emotions, highs and lows in your tonality and use more gestures 
Get straight to the point on how it can help them change their lives



I don’t think I need to explain this to you guys right? 

Just a simple CTA to watch your case study, webinar, training, etc will do 

Lastly, there are only three types of offers we have seen work really well with YouTube ads at our agency. We highly recommend everyone who has any of these offers to scale it on youtube

1. SLO/Book funnels 
2 .Webinars 
3. Phone / Application Funnels 

Thank you so much for reading till here, hope you have gotten a lot of value for this post. If you have any questions feel free to type in the comments and I will try my best to respond to it. 

The last question I have for you is, are you going to start today to get a piece of the gold before it’s all gone?

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