Performance Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

With the widespread use of the Internet, businesses are trying to exploit the full potential to market their products and services effectively. And if you have read our previous blogs, you will know that performance marketing plays a huge role in publishing business advertisements in Singapore and attracting potential customers. 

Now, if you have been thinking to market your products digitally, you might have constantly heard the terms digital marketing and performance marketing being used together and sometimes interchangeably. But if you dig deep into the meaning of both these terms, there is a major difference. And the difference lies in the approach. In this blog post, we will delve into the difference and determine which approach your business would need to effectively market your products. 

Performance Marketing Vs Digital Marketing

So, let’s start by understanding the difference between these two terms and methodologies. As mentioned above, the difference comes from the approach to market products in the market. 

  • Performance marketing is an advanced form of digital marketing. This approach pursues marketing products using multiple channels with a larger goal in mind. 

For example, this marketing strategy uses paid social channels such as YouTube advertising Singapore, Facebook advertising, and more to promote the products of businesses. And businesses pay only when an action has been completed by the customers. 

The main goal of performance marketing goes beyond just awareness and engagement; it helps in driving revenues and sales for any business. 

  • On the other hand, digital marketing emphasizes creating awareness and engagement for a business in the digital space. 

This strategy includes managing a specific channel to achieve a marketing goal. For example, to measure the ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) digital marketing will focus only on managing the Google Search Campaign. 

The main aim of digital marketing is to measure vanity metrics such as likes, reach, impressions to determine the engagement and awareness for any business. 

Performance Marketing or Digital Marketing: What to Choose?

Now that you know the difference between performance marketing and digital marketing, the next step is to determine which one to choose for your business. The answer will entirely depend on the business goals, culture, and marketing goals you want to achieve. But in general, you can follow this approach

  • Usually in digital marketing, the client will be in charge and will guide the agency to execute the strategy as they desire. So, if your business is based on having strong opinions on how things should work for a certain product or service, you can go for digital marketing. 
  • However, if your business wants to have a collaborative approach, choosing performance marketing will be the best choice. It is because performance marketing’s main goal is to invest in digital channels and tying this investment back to business goals. 

So, based on how you want to market your products and services will determine your choice of marketing. If you find that performance marketing is the way to go for your business, you can get in touch with us at Hyper Fame Digital. 

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