Finding the Right Video Production Company for Your Video Ads

You have about 8 seconds to make someone decide whether or not they want to continue looking at your website. One of the most enticing ways to grab and hold a potential web customer’s attention for longer than 8 seconds is a video above the fold on your landing page.

Using visual storytelling to establish your brand is the newest powerhouse in marketing. A unique video commercial for your company can lead to more conversions. You don’t need to go full Hollywood to get an engaging video ad. Hiring a video production company can bring your brand to life.

The challenge is choosing a creative video production company that will tell your story the way you want it to be told. Today we’ll go over a few things to look for when you choose which video production company to work with.

Establishing Your Vision

Before you begin speaking to video production companies, your team needs to establish what message you want your video to send. Who is this video for? What do you want customers to know about your brand? In an ideal world, what will this video motivate customers to do?

Choose Your Goal 

The very first thing you have to do is set a goal. Goals can include:

  • Get more email list sign-ups 
  • Have 25% of site visitors buy a product or service 
  • Introduce your team to potential customers 
  • Show how your product/service works 
  • Set yourself apart from competitors

It’s important to know what kind of marketing you need because different video production companies may have different specialties.

Compile A Brief 

Once you know what your goal of the video is, you can begin pulling together a concept and key messages. Your concept doesn’t have to be completely fleshed out but should be something that the video production company can play with. Although this is a video marketing project, think of it as a storytelling project. Pick ideas that you would want to see or hear. 

Crafting your brief will give you a certain lens to work with and narrow down your collection of thoughts. With a streamlined package, you’ll be able to clearly state what you’re looking for and understand what you aren’t looking for.

Set A Budget 

Before getting lost among all the bells and whistles video production has to offer, decide how much you are willing to spend on creating this video. Your budget may influence which production company you end up working with and it’s important to set limits before you overextend yourself.

Picking A Corporate Video Production Company 

Now that you know what kind of project you want to create, it’s time to find the right agency to put your ideas on film!

View Portfolios 

As with most professional inquiries today, you’ll likely begin with a Google search. Once you have a list of potential video production agencies to work with, you’ll want to view the work they’ve already done. 

Unless they’re relatively new, a creative video production crew will have multiple videos or case studies for you to browse. By seeing the work they’ve done in the past, you’ll be able to see if this creative team is the right fit for the project you have on hand.

  • Do they have experience in the kind of video you’re looking to produce? 
  • Is their style unique? 
  • Do they use live-action or animation? 
  • What brands have they worked with? 
  • Are they creating stories or spewing facts? 
  • Are the graphics engaging or overwhelming? 
  • Do they use static or motion graphics? 
  • Can you understand everything presented in the commercials? 
  • Is the production quality clean? 
  • Are their videos effective in branding the companies they’ve worked with?

See What Others Are Saying 

When you’re browsing the website of a video production company, read reviews left by their previous clients. A beautifully produced video may not be the entire picture. Be aware of clients who say the director and/or production team was difficult to work with. Depending on how fleshed out your brief is, you may want to see how much control clients claimed they had in the production of their video. 

Another way to find reputable corporate video production companies is to inquire about video ads that catch your eye. If you find a video on a website, social media page, or Youtube advertisement that speaks to you, you can reach out to that brand and ask who created their video. Not only will they direct you to a video production company, but they will most likely also tell you whether or not it was a good experience.

Narrow It Down And Reach Out 

After you do your preliminary research, you’ll likely have a better idea of the kind of video production company you want to work with. Narrow it down to your top three choices and reach out to the production teams. 

Having the chance to speak to the creative team of these companies will help you make your decision on which group to hire. If it’s possible to meet them in person, arrange a face-to-face meeting. Your team will need to feel comfortable in front of the director and camera crew, so it’s important to figure out if any personalities will clash. 

When analyzing how your meetings went, compare the different production companies by asking questions such as:

  • Did they build off of your ideas? 
  • Did they engage with your brief? 
  • What is included in the price package? (Scriptwriting, actors if necessary, equipment, etc.) 
  • Is post-production editing included? 
  • What makes their company unique? 
  • Are they familiar with various marketing strategies? 
  • Did they understand the story you want to promote? 
  • Did they understand your goals?

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